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SAMSUNG Dual Cook Flex NV75N5641RS Electric Oven Stainless Steel

SAMSUNG Dual Cook Flex NV75N5641RS Electric Oven Stainless Steel
SAMSUNG Dual Cook Flex NV75N5641RS Electric Oven Stainless Steel

SAMSUNG Dual Cook Flex NV75N5641RS Electric Oven Stainless Steel   SAMSUNG Dual Cook Flex NV75N5641RS Electric Oven Stainless Steel
Go greener Clean your oven without harming the environment. Catalytic cleaning lets you clean your oven without using too much energy or harmful cleaning chemicals, but saves a lot of effort.

Maximise your oven space Discover a single oven that gives you the flexibility of a double with the Samsung Dual Cook Flex NV75N5641RS Electric Oven. Featuring Dual Cook technology, you can split the cavity using the divider shelf, to give yourself two separate capacities that can be controlled independently. Perfect for if you want to cook the roast potatoes at a different temperature to the beef and get them on the table at the same time.

If you've got something larger like a pasta bake, simply remove the divider shelf to use the cavity as one oven again - whatever you're cooking, the Dual Cook Flex can adapt to meet your needs. Flexible heating On quieter nights when you're just making dinner for one, it can be a waste of energy heating a whole oven when you're only using one shelf.

The Dual Cook Flex makes it easy for you to keep your energy bills down by letting you isolate a space with the divider shelf and just heat that small area. Not only will you use less energy, but the area will heat up and get your food cooked faster too. Plus, it comes with dual fans to ensure the heat circulates nicely and evenly, so you won't have to be worried if the meal is thoroughly cooked.

With a flexible door that is hinged in the middle and opens in two parts, you can check on the food cooking in the top compartment without losing heat in the bottom - another way the Dual Cook Flex helps save your energy. Auto Cook programs The 40 Auto Cook programs are ideal for getting great results on a selection of different foods. A range of options will ensure you always have the right temperature and cooking time in place no matter what you're making.

Catalytic liners The Dual Cook Flex features catalytic liners, which break down grease and oil spits at high temperatures. All you need to do is brush it off and wipe the cavity clean to get your oven looking and feeling like new again. You'll never lose another Saturday night scrubbing.

Safety features Worried about little hands playing with the buttons while you're cooking? The handy Child Lock function ensures your settings aren't changed mid-cook, so you'll have no concerns if the kids are keeping you company in the kitchen. _________________________________________ PLEASE NOTE: ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: This product requires professional installation to a dedicated circuit by a qualified installer. 595 x 595 x 570 mm (H x W x D). 572 x 560 x 549 mm (H x W x D).

2 (Please note: You can divide this oven cavity into 2 and control each half separately). Main: Multifunction - Second: Multifunction. Main: A+ - Second: A+. Main: 34 litres - Second: 32 litres - Total: 75 litres. Main: small - Second: small - Total: extra large. Main oven: - 3 shelf positionsSecond oven: - 2 shelf positions.

Main: Yes - Second: Yes. Main: triple-glazed - Second: triple-glazed. Main: Drop down - Second: Drop down. Main: Assisted cleaning / Catalytic liners (back only) - Second: Assisted cleaning / Catalytic liners (back only).

5 years (2nd year onwards by registration). This product requires hardwiring to a 16 Amp fuse and should be installed by a qualified installer. 16 Amp (Requires hardwiring to a dedicated circuit). Retractable dials & touch control. May display minor cosmetic imperfections however the product will be in perfect working condition.

All products undergo a thorough quality control process so please allow for any superficial signs of use as a result. This means the appliance will be palletised, handled and delivered on a pallet. If sufficient access is available the driver may be able to bring the pallet to your door but this will be at their discretion.

We are unable to dispatch any items unless we have a valid contact number (preferably mobile). Couriers are only insured to deliver to the kerbside or your door (at discretion, depending on access) and not inside the premises. Please ensure you can arrange the means to get the appliance in to your home. We use a variety of Courier companies and a Pallet service to send out items.

SAMSUNG Dual Cook Flex NV75N5641RS Electric Oven Stainless Steel   SAMSUNG Dual Cook Flex NV75N5641RS Electric Oven Stainless Steel